H1b Visa 2017

H1B Visa 2017- Prediction, News,Quota,Lottery,Cap,FAQ's

What will be H1B Visa 2017 Start Date?

April 1st 2016 . USCIS will start accepting the petitions for fiscal year 2017 from April 1st 2016. 

What will be H1B 2017 Cap?

The quota numbers as of now when I am writing this article remains the same as of last year i.e. 65,000 for Regular and 20,000 in advanced quota. There have been lot of speculations and talks about the H1B regular quota cap being increased to 110,000 and H1B masters quota cap being increased to 25,000. But as of now the cap remains the same old as last year. I will update the article if the numbers change.  

What is the prediction for H1B visa 2017 ?

Looking at the past trends I am sure that there will be a lottery again for H1b visa season 2017. I hope the quota is increased from the current quota of 85,000 but if not then certainly there will be more number of petitions compared to last year ( Last year there were 233,000 petitions ) . I am making this predictions based on the past trends.

It is never to late to start for preparation of H1b Visa 2017. So make sure you get all your documents ready before March of 2016.

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Also a lot of users specially ask me this question about " How do I find a H1B visa sponsor

If you did your masters or bachelors in USA then when you apply for jobs you can read my article here which tells you How to find if a company Sponsor's H1b Visa or not?
If you are coming from outside USA then the path is not very easy. If you are working for an MNC like TCS, Infosys etc. then your company can apply for your H1B.   

H1b Visa 2017 Timeline - 

Documents Checklist for H1B Visa 2017 -

H1b Visa 2017 Quota -

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