What is GRE?

Graduate Record Examination ( GRE) is a standardized test taken by students who are aiming for postgraduate studies. It is administered by ETS and GRE is a official trademark of Educational Testing Service. 

There are two types of GRE Tests : 

1) GRE General Test 

2) The Subject Test 

Usually and the most common test taken by students is GRE General test . GRE must be taken by students who are planning for their post graduate studies in USA.

GRE General test is a 3 hour 45 minutes computer adaptive test that consists of three sections:

Verbal : 2 Sections and each section approximately 20 questions . Duration of each section : 30 Minutes. This section checks your ability to analyze and evaluate your verbal skills. It consists of text completion, sentence equivalence and reading comprehension.

Quantitative : There are 2 sections , each section approximately 20 questions . Duration of each section : 35 Minutes. It consists of Quantitative comparison and problem solving

Analytical Writing:  This is usually the first section on your GRE test. You have to write two essays. Duration : 60Minutes. You get 30 minutes for the " issue" essay and 30 minutes for the "Argument essay" . This section tests your analytical writing skills.

You will also have one experimental section. So if you get 3 Quant section then out of that one section is experimental and if you get 3 verbal section then out of that one verbal section is experimental. 

 In a nutshell : Analytical Writing ( AWA) section,Two verbal sections, Two Quant sections and one experimental Section.

After you are done with your test you will have the opportunity to send it to 4 universities for free of cost . Don't forget or skip that step because sending score to each university wil cost you $25.

GRE Subjective Test :  The GRE subject Tests are achievement tests that measure your knowledge on particular field of study.

Each subject test is intended for students who have an undergraduate  major or extensive background  in one of these discipline : 

1) Bio- chemistry 
2) Biology
3) Chemistry 
4) Maths
5) Physics
6) Psychology 
7 ) Literature in English

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