Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Campus Placement in US Universities

There is nothing called as  "campus placement" in US universities. Students who are coming from different countries often think that after graduation they would have "campus placements" or "placement drive" because this is what they were used to in their undergrad colleges especially in India. 

Campus- placement- in- US- Universities

They are used to this concept of campus placement but if you ask anyone here in USA they would not be familiar with this concept.

Though there is something similar in mostly all the US universities and that is called career fair or job fair. Also there will be a career services center  which will focus on helping you getting jobs and helps you prepare you for campus interviews etc. They also have resume workshops where they edit you resume and make it look better. 

What students are used to India is a campus placement drive in which the  companies who would come to their college will conduct a common  exam and say out of 1000 students who has taken that exam they will select top 2 or 5 percent students and then there are a few more rounds and finally you are made a offer. 

                               It does not work like this in USA. There is no mass recruitment or common exam conducted by a company. Usually what happens is there is a Career fair or Job fair conducted on one specific day . Recruiters representing their companies attend this career fair  . Usually 100 to 150 companies take part in this career fair ( It varies from University to University ) . The students are encouraged and told to wear formals and they meet recruiters from different companies. You talk to them , hand over your resume to them and they usually let you know if they have any open positions or jobs pertaining to your major or field of study.  

You would see a lot of companies will be looking for an intern or a Co-op rather than a full time employee. Usually companies in USA offer you an internship and during that period that they gauge you and see if you adapt well with the company or not . If everything goes well they usually give you a full time after your internship.

Also career centers have a internal job portal where different employers have posted open positions in their companies and you can always go there and apply for it. 

In one of my articles I have written about How to end up getting the perfect Internship . In this article I have discussed in detail on how you can get an internship and what to do and what not to do in a career fair.

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