Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sample Email to Professors in USA for Assistantship

I have received a request from few of our readers asking about a sample template/email which they can use to get various assistant-ships ( Research Assistantship, Graduate Assistantship Etc ).

Before I provide you with a template here are a few basic tips you should keep in mind before sending the email to professors.

1) Have a good and catchy subject line. E.g. - Prospective Student Fall 2016  ________________________ ( In the blank include your Research Information) . DO not forget to include prospective student because this will tell the professor or the person who is reading the email that you are currently not an enrolled student but are looking for admission currently.

2) Make it short and simple. Don't be too verbose. The professors usually are very busy and they would not go over a very lengthy email.

3) Make sure there is no typo or grammatical mistake. Also use proper punctuation.

4) If you want you can attach your resume and write in the email saying that " You can read about my research in detail " in the resume attached.

5) Make sure you read the research papers published by the professor and you are well versed with his research. 

6) Highlight ( bold) the key research or technical words in the email.

7) Never ask for funding directly in the first email itself. 

8) Be polite.

9)  Also if you do not receive a reply. Don't be pushy . Do not follow up more than once in two - three weeks. 

Here is the sample email to professor asking for funding : 

Subject : Prospective Student Fall 2016 - Interested in your Research "Security and key length in Cryptography"

Hello Dr. Oscar, 

I am a prospective student and I am applying to XYZ university for Fall 2016 for MS in Computer Science. I came across your research publication on "Security and Key Length in Cryptography". I have worked on similar research in my undergraduate studies which involves the role of length of the key in cryptography. I am really interested in your research work and would like to know if you have any opportunities for me. 

Please find attached my resume for your kind perusal.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thank You, 
This was a sample email to professors in US asking for Assistantship. You can modify it as per your convenience.  

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