Sunday, May 17, 2015

How to Ace your F1 US Visa Interview

Today I will be talking about " How to Ace your F1 Visa interview.

I will be telling you a few basic things which I believe would help you in acing your F1 visa interview.

The first and foremost thing. Keep a smile on your face. Have you heard of the phrase "Smile is a curve which sets everything straight ? " . Smile on your face shows that you are confident. Of course from inside everybody is nervous and this anxiety and nervousness is a part of human nature. At the same time its important to not show that nervousness and anxiety to the VO ( Visa Officer). Practice a few questions in front the mirror. If you fumble speak the question and answer again. Do not cram any answers.

Prepare a list of questions and answers which you think the VO would ask (Previous experiences posted on various websites and forums would help you in getting the questions ) . Also always be prepared for the unexpected. There can be one question asked by your VO which is out of the blue and at that moment just try to be calm and composed. If you don't know anything about the question , just say that I don't know. Keep it straight and simple. I will also recommend that while searching for previous years experiences ( questions asked by VO) , don't copy the answers. Try to prepare your own answers that way you will more confident and comfortable in answering those questions.

Also try not to drag any answer. Keep it short and to the point. Remember usually there are a lot of people waiting in the queue behind  you and in a day VO usually takes 60 -100 interviews.( You can take your time in answering the questions but just drag an answer and keep it to the point)

Before going to the center make sure you have all the documents. To organize your documents I would recommend you to buy a harmonium folder or a display folder ( Picture Shown Below) . You can also carry this to US and trust me it is very useful to keep all documents at one place.

Don't reach the Visa center too early . Waiting can decrease your energy level and can make you tired. Try to reach there at most 45 minutes before your visa interview.

Below is the list of few important questions ( which are generally asked in the visa interview) :

1) Why did you choose this University among the other admits ?

2) What do you want to do after MS?

3) Why not India or any other country ?

4) Tell me about the course ?

5) After completing your Master's , what are your plans ?

6) Who is sponsoring your education ? How ?

7) Why MS in Computer Science ( replace it with your course of study)

Remember its OK to fumble once or twice but if you fumble a lot than it would portray that you are nervous. If you do not understand a question or you didn't hear properly , just ask the VO to repeat it.
Know the program well and maintain a positive attitude.

I hope the above information helps. If you have something to add to it , do leave a comment below . Don't forget to like our facebook page for latest updates. Also follow us on Twitter.

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